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vintage LaLaounis necklace

Fine jewelry auction shows market poised for strong comeback

Bonhams' April 19, 2012 jewelry auction grossed an unexpected $4.5 million, boosting the firm's outlook for the rest of the year. "We were thrilled to see some of our seasoned, experienced collectors return to the auction room after several years, as well as, eager new buyers," said Susan Abeles, Bonhams head of jewelry.


Vintage Christmas tree pins: pretty and profitable

Whether it’s ever dawned on you to pick up a holiday tree brooch while out doing your consumer-spending duty, if you do, more choices grow in emporia than simply sparkling Christmas brooches. Whatever it is you love in the world, you likely can find a holiday tree that represents that hobby - and here's...


Affordable Antiquities: For less than $200 collectors are buying 2,000 years of human history

Samaritan oil lamp, 4th century A.D. found in Israel. length: 10 cm, $250. Courtesy of Trionfo Jerusalem by Melody Amsel-Arielli Collectors often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on rare, museum-quality antiquities. Small, abundantly found pieces, however, are often very affordable. For example, coins unearthed in the Holy Land, which date from the Persian through...