From the Editor: Exploring vintage advertising, antiques business advice and shows


In the latest issue of Antique Trader (Feb. 5, 2014 issue), the editor of “Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide,” Noah Fleisher, discusses the appeal of antique and vintage advertising. From vintage tin and paper signs featuring the symbolic Coca-Cola logo, the classic example of “brand advertising,” to oil cans and soda pop dispensers, Fleisher explains how the present and future is bright for this working-man’s collectible. Check out this cover story in its entirety.

Behind the Gavel columnist Wayne Jordan delivers helpful advice for making the most of the experiences and lessons of 2013. Wayne draws on his past “close encounters with AT20140205-1consultants” to explain two valuable tools: cash flow statement and an open-to-buy inventory plan. Meanwhile, Furniture Detective Fred Taylor outlines the process for keeping rocking chairs in fine rocking order by careful replacement of the springs. See what Wayne has to say in this latest column, and check out Fred’s rocking chair advice here.

Our own “music man” contributor Steve Evans is back with a fascinating feature on head fiddles. This unique area of musical collectibles focuses on stringed instruments with ornate carvings as well as scenes created with wood inlays. Explore this fascinating category of collectibles in this feature.

If you’re looking for an antiquing adventure, there are plenty of shows and events happening across the country this winter. If you’re braving the winter in the Midwest, there is an opportunity to take in two time-honored shows in February. Come Feb. 7-8, the Wisconsin Antiques Dealers’ Association will celebrate its 40th winter show in Waukesha, Wis. More than 50 vetted antiques dealers from eight states will participate in the two-day event.

Following on the heels of this popular event, is the Northern Illinois Antiques Dealers Association’s 54th annual show, set for Feb. 15-16. The event will include 40 professional antiques dealers from around the Midwest, and will be held in Loves Park, Ill. To see what’s happening in your neck of the woods, check out our Show Calendar and Auction Calendar.

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