Antique Trader Inbox 4

Letters To The Editor

Christmas is coming, there’s no way around it. The minute Santa hit Broadway on Thanksgiving Day during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the onslaught has been in full effect. What can we do to counteract the barrage of commercialism that fills our televisions, stereos and email inboxes? Give antiques, of course, and encourage others to do the same.

Our question for readers during the short Thanksgiving week – knowing that most of us would be enjoying family, friends and turkey (or tofurkey) with all the trimmings – was this: Will you give or get antiques for Christmas this year, and where will you get them, online or at a shop, mall or auction?

As always, our readers came through with answers very much in the spirit of the question and the season.

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Happy Holidays.


I do shop antique malls in my hometown as well as online auctions. I seldom buy from antique dealers online unless it’s an item really hard to find. I find the dealers online are usually priced higher than they should be even when I’m paying the shipping.

Because you asked,
Brenda Harper


I’ve been buying watches and clocks at auctions; so far I have done alright. I recently bought a German movement anniversary clock for $20 that didn’t run and had it fixed and running in ?-hour.

Gale H Fengel


Yes, I will (shop for antiques online, at shops and auctions) and that will be where I find them as I shop all three – I’ve all ready found a couple, but I’m still looking for a piece of Gouda.

Sarah Plummer


In answering your short question this week: I will, as I do every year, give antiques to family members who enjoy, appreciate, and display them.

I own an antique store in Shreveport, La; an 18-dealer mall with great variety and lots of choices. I do compare prices online and I do buy online occasionally. I have a big collection of Roseville pottery and I have found some wonderful large pieces on eBay, which are very hard to find in this area. Stop in if you are ever this way.

Mary Helen Cline
Shreveport Trading Co Antiques


When we give gift cards we like to put them inside a small collectible or antique that has special meaning to the person we are giving it to. For instance, my parents have a Dachshund, so we bought a vintage planter of the dog and put my Dad’s gift card it.

We also do a little shopping on line, auction and the antique malls.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season,
Mary Kay
Crown Point, IN


Ebay! Is there another?

Dennis Ellison


I have a booth at a mall, so I will be giving antiques as gifts from my own space.

Larry Holton


Well, I love to go to auctions. Just can’t find the time to sit there all day. If I want something really bad, I’ll ask to have it come up. Otherwise, I prefer to go to shops. Malls are nice, but that little guy in the shop needs us more.

Sally Wiese


I’m the only one in my family that’s interested in antiques or vintage items, so unfortunately I won’t be buying them for anyone. If I were, I’d be either getting them from antique shops or an auction.

Marlene Rafferty


I do a lot with antiques for Christmas.

1) I buy old antique Christmas postcards that are used, and adhere them to a blank card, adorn with glitter and such and send them as personalized, one of a kind Christmas cards.

2) I like buying vintage Christmas decorations. Not too much, but just a new piece here and there

3) We bring out our vintage silver, and antique serving pieces for the holidays for the dinner table.

4) I buy my husband a vintage watch, or a piece of art, etc for Christmas. He usually buys me a piece of art glass, or a vintage piece of jewelry.


Reyne Haines
Cincinnati OH


I will definitely be buying myself antique Christmas presents this holiday season, from online auctions, mostly like eBay.

Del E. Domke, Belleek Consultant
Bellevue, WA


My husband and I give each other antiques regularly. Most of our purchases are from auctions and estate sales. We have a date every Monday with Antiques Road Show and never get tired of it.

Dan and Geri Lee


Will get and give antiques from all of those sources, antique malls and online!

Merry Christmas,


Hi, Noah-

I’ve only got a few little items thus far, but I love to look for vintage and antique gift-giving items. I bought my mom a Made in Japan set of blue lusterware salt and pepper shakers, which she collects, at an estate sale.

For my friend, Barbie, who collects vintage potholders, I’ve found two potholder how-to books at a local antique mall. I also got her several vintage glass Christmas ornaments – one at an estate sale and two at the same antiques mall. For myself, I’ve hinted for an eBay gift card, which can now be purchased at the grocery store! With my eBay gift card, I’d hunt for frozen charlotte dolls and Wade collectibles.

Well, I hope you and your readers get all their Christmas wishes. Love the magazine!

Angela J.
Vancouver, WA