Antique windows stolen from homes

CINCINNATI – Homeowners in some of this city’s historic neighborhoods have been the targets of thieves stealing stained-glass windows.

image002.jpgAntique windows worth thousands of dollars were stolen from two North Avondale homes. Police think the windows were taken sometime on the evening of Aug. 26. One home lost a pair of windows, and a second-floor window was pried out of another residence. Both homes were vacant and under renovation.

In addition to contacting antique dealers, homeowner Michelle Lawless said, “We also took flyers to local art glass repair people. There are a couple of places that can repair antique stained glass and our window has a crack in the lower corner.”

window.jpgInvestigators say the best defense is to not leave properties vacant. If that’s not possible, they suggest asking neighbors to watch it and report any suspicious activity right away.

Anyone with information on the thefts should contact the Cincinnati Police Department (District 4) at 513-352-3576, or Detective Dick Gross at

The public may also contact CrimeStoppers anonymously at 513-352-3040.