American Indian artifacts hoard up for auction

I just got an Antique Trader auction alert from ProxiBid and Iron Horse Auctions this morning. Of course I had to go check out what was available in this online sale. (Iron Horse Auctions is AuctionZip auctioneer #8405.)

(I just love online auction catalogs, don’t you?! They make antiques and collectibles around the world accessible to anyone!)

iron_horse_stoneware_lot_10.jpgI may have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of antique and vintage stoneware and pottery. I enjoy the design and feel; there are any number of uses for it, too. To be honest, I tend to lean toward more durable antiques because I’m a bit clumsy, and useful antiques because it gives me further justification to buy them.

Anyway, after spending some time perusing the catalog, I felt compelled to share a brief description of what they’re offering.

The sale is from the estate of the late Dr. P.R. Rankin of Ellerbe, N.C., and is being held by the Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc., also of Ellerbe. The real draw of the auction is the extensive collection of Native American textiles and baskets, and American Indian artifacts, including thousands of points, tools, pottery, and so on.

iron horse native american baskets 100.jpgAs of right now, at the time of this posting, there are MANY lots that have bids under $10. (Yes, $10!) The physical sale will be held March 26 at 10 a.m.

I invite you to check out their online auction catalog HERE. You just might pick that special something you’ve been waiting for (or never even knew you needed). 

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— Karen Knapstein

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