Modern Show set for Oct. 12-14

NEW YORK – More than 50 dealers will be exhibiting at the Modern Show scheduled for Oct. 12-14 at the 26th Regiment Armory in Manhattan. The show will feature a special seminar by a panel of the country’s top experts on how to buy the work of lesser-known artisans.

“The astonishing prices for well-known designers such as Nakashima have created a fresh market for lesser-known artists from the period – artists who are equally as talented and adventurous as their better-known counterparts,” said Jeffrey Schaper, owner of Jeffrey Schaper antiques.

For specialist Andrew Kevelson of Baxter & Liebchen Inc., the Danish Modern movement continues to have strong demand. Kevelson’s recent finds include dining chairs, dressers and sideboards, a selection of which he will be bringing to the show.
Sofa by Johannes Andersen.jpg

Jetsons Sofa by Johannes Andersen.
Height: 2 ft. 4 in., Width: 7 ft. 7 in., Depth: 2 ft. 8 in.
Photo courtesy of Baxter & Liebchen

In the French Art Deco movement, a name to watch is Andre Sornay, according to Ric Emmett of the Modernism Gallery, who has been specializing in French and American Art Deco for the past 30 years. Sornay, born in Lyons in 1902, made fine furniture in mahogany, oak and unusual woods like California redwood.
Springer chair by Kem Weber.jpg
Also ascending in importance is the late French designer Charles Dudouyt. A true woodworker, he relied on the beauty of the wood and strong lines to distinguish his often-masculine pieces.

American art deco chair designed by Kem Weber (1889-1963), 1934. 27” wide, 32” deep, 34” high.
Photo courtesy of Ric Emmett, Modernism Gallery

Seventies and ‘80s designers are coming to the forefront. According to John Sollo of Sollo Rago Auctions, a leading expert in the field of Modernist design, a name to follow closely is Boston-based Judy McKee, who makes anthropomorphic furniture.

Show hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 12-13, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 14. Admission is $15. For more information, call 212-255-0020 or visit