Investment and collecting opportunities at Rock Island Auction Company’s April auction

MOLINE, Ill. – Rock Island Auction Company has announced its next firearms auction to be held in Moline, Ill. The success of their regional sale ($2.2 million) confirms that firearms are solid investments that hold value through economic downturns. Investing and collecting opportunities abound at RIA’s spring auction to be held April 25-27.

Prominent collections will be featured in the April auction, including the second part of the Will Hoffeld estate and firearms collection of Colts and Colt Brevetes; and the final installment of the Frank and Karen Sellers collection will offer firearms and unusual parts, patent models, and other items.

More than 350 derringers include a rarity at auction – an engraved Butterfield patent self-priming derringer pistol (estimate $50,000-$75,000).

An outstanding collection from the Indian Wars contains fine trapdoors, Smith & Wessons, Colts, Remingtons and documented Custer battlefield relics. This collection has a historical Indian War silver presentation medal for valor ($20,000-$30,000). Firearms include a rare U.S. Springfield Model 1877 trapdoor carbine and a Custer-era U.S. Springfield model 1873 trapdoor Carbine with Indian alterations and decoration.

Hundreds of European, Japanese and U.S. military items will be offered including firearms from the Scott Meadows collection. Meadows is the author of U.S. Military Automatic Pistols Volume 1 & 2. His collection includes examples of rare, experimental, and prototype 1911s, as well as 8 historical general officers pistols led by historical general Curtis LeMay’s U.S. contract Colt .380 pistol with belt and holster ($25,000-$35,000).

World War II firearms and items include a deluxe, engraved, prewar Walther model PPK pistol. Many posters with World War II U.S.  propaganda themes will also be offered. A Thompson sub machine gun with accessories is one of several Class III items in this sale.

Rich history is found in the Civil War items including a custom engraved Remington new model navy percussion revolver with ivory grips (estimate $12,000-$14,000) and a Zouave percussion rifle with bayonet. Also offered are engraved ivory Confederate field glasses attributed to Terry’s Texas Rangers ($5,000-$10,000) and a Civil War Henry lever action rifle ($30,000-$40,000), one of seven Henry rifles in this auction.

Many quality edged weapons are included in this sale. A cased Joseph Rodgers & Sons bowie knife is ornate and rare. More than 50 swords will be offered, including an Ames regulation staff and field officer’s sword presented to Ulysses S. Grant’s Vice President, Col. Henry Wilson.

Rock Island’s April sale boasts the largest grouping of small bore shotguns ever offered, from hunting and target practice firearms to collectible high end sporting arms.

More than 2,700 quality lots will be offered. For buyers looking to start an investment or fill a hole in their collection, this auction’s diversity, rarity and quality offers great potential. For more information call 800-238-8022 or visit

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