Original Peanuts Art, Native American, top R&R January

AMHERST, NH — The bids came fast and furious for an original Peanuts strip at R&R Enterprises’ January auction, which ended on Jan. 16. The 1954 daily strip, in which Charlie Brown and Schroeder commemorate Beethoven’s 184th birthday, reached $27,738, the auction’s top result.

peanuts AT 2-20.jpg

Beethoven turns 184 in this original 1954 Peanuts strip, which sold for $27,738. The composer and his music became the focus of Schroeder’s life over the next five decades.

Of a different character altogether were the ink signatures of the legendary Sioux holy man Sitting Bull and his nephew, One Bull. Rare in any form, these superb ink specimens, likely the finest in existence, were originally obtained during an 1884 visit to St. Paul. Formerly part of an outstanding collection of Indian Wars–related items, many of which were also offered by R&R, the signatures realized $11,482.

Notable items in space and aviation included a letter from the Apollo 11 crew to an enterprising hotelier with lunar aspirations, $8,638; an excellent letter in which Amelia Earhart hamilton AT 2-13.jpgencourages a young woman interested in aviation, $6,933; a photo signed by the Mercury Seven astronauts, $5,362; and a NASA photo signed by Neil Armstrong, $4,916.

Alexander Hamilton and his partners iron out details for their acquisition of Paulus Hook, New Jersey, in an important group of documents that realized $11,168.

Paul McCartney demonstrated “peel appeal” with a copy of the Beatles’ Yesterday and Today album, signed on the notorious “butcher” cover, $6,812. Other musical highlights included a 1970 check signed by John Lennon, $6,302; a Please, Please Me album signed by McCartney and Ringo Starr, $4,933; and handwritten lyrics to the song “War Baby” by Mick Jagger, $3,812.

The timeless Audrey Hepburn led the entertainment category with a vintage signed photo accompanied by unusual documentation, $4,734. Also worthy of note were a signed photo of Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, $3,176; a gorgeous vintage photo signed by Elizabeth Taylor, $3,024; and a Humphrey Bogart McCartney AT 2-13.jpgletter wondering whether The African Queen will be “any good,” $2,766.

Little did he know he’d become a vegetarian when Paul McCartney and his band mates draped themselves in raw meat and doll parts. A rare copy of the notorious “butcher” cover signed by McCartney topped the music category at $6,812.

All prices above include the buyer’s premium.

For information, go online to www.rrauction.com, or email to elizebeth@rrauction.com.

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