Batmobile model from 1989’s Batman brings $12,000

The news of an odd or wacky antiques and collectibles museum going out of business always plucks a heart strings. Feelings or regret quickly turn to joy when auction results reward the former owner/collector/curator with a tidy nest egg. Such is the case with Dane Nash and his American Superhero Museum. Once a repository for modern day American folk heroes, the museum was one man’s 40 year collection of amazing superhero-themed collectibles, movie props and nostalgia.

The Jan. 22 auction offered hundreds of lots, the highest grossing of which was an actual model of the Batmobile used in 1989’s Batman:

Batmobile Model
Price Realized: $12,000 via

batmobile model.jpgWhen the collection of the American Superhero Museum came up for auction on Jan. 22, Batman and Superman aficionados took notice.

Online for just four days, the sale attracted hundreds of online bids from collectors around the world. The top-selling memento of the now-defunct museum was a life-size replica of the 1989 Batmobile from Batman starring Michael Keaton.

Built on a 1985 Corvette chassis with a Corvette engine, the car was estimated to bring between $5,000 and $10,000. Thanks to the efforts of one dedicated fan, the Batmobile sold online for $12,000.

-posted by Eric


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