From Barbie to barbed wire…

Barbie, Thomas Kinkade, Stickley, Double Eagle, Stradivarius, Whitetail

What do these items all have in common?

Their collectible value, millions of enthusiasts worldwide and they can now be insured.

With the addition of a new insurance carrier, Collectibles Insurance Services reports it is now able to provide coverage for Dolls, Fine Art, Antique Furniture, Gold Coins, Musical Instruments and Taxidermy. “The addition of these types of antiques and collectibles allows us to fully satisfy our customers’ needs for specialized insurance,” advises Dan Walker, consultant for Collectibles Insurance Services.

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Although the most popular collections insured at Collectibles Insurance Services are stamps, sports memorabilia, firearms, model trains, comics, glass and pottery, Walker says they also insure unique collections which include barbed wire, vintage airline air sickness bags and most recently a shrunken head. How’s that for meeting the demands of customer satisfaction?

I guess for every weird and wonderful item out there, there is a collector waiting to add it to their treasure chest. And keep it safe.