Here’s to wonderful finds in unexpected places

Sometimes a heart-stopping find appears in the most unlikely location. Last week my wife and I took a moment to stroll through a thrift store not known for its great selection of antique furniture. As a lifelong lover of old furniture, I had spent many an afternoon hoping to find some neat item to add to our house. 

Shortly after walking in, my eyes got as big as Oreo cookies. There in the corner, leaning up against the wall was the unmistakable glimmer of bird’s-eye maple. Picking through the rubble of mismatched bed frames staked on top, the maple was revealed to be the headboard of a sleigh bed with legs that terminate in an empire style and detailed carvings. Perfect for my 10-year-old son, the price was a satisfying $40.

Favorite finds happen to us all the time and we’d love to hear yours. After launching the second annual Favorite Finds contest last issue, we’ve already received a number of entries.

Make sure you send your story in by Sept. 30 to Antique Trader Favorite Finds, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990 or

Butter Pats Return!

at0818-pickledish.jpgFor the months of August and September in Antique Trader’s online Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes we will be offering four prizes – vintage British Airways Noritake Pickle Plates sponsored by the Butter Pat Patter Association.

What’s a pickle plate, you might ask? These were used exclusively by British Airways on the orient routes for First-Class cabin meals.

This rectangular-shaped pickle plate was designed by Noritake and features a design representing a netsuke and a money pouch. Netsukes are small ivory, wood, metal, or porcelain pieces used as toggles on the end of the cord that held a Japanese money pouch. Measuring 3 3/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches by 1/2 inch high, the plate is from Noritake’s Kaiseki Set.

You can only enter for a chance to win one of these four pickle plates on the Internet at

It’s easy to join the Butter Pat Patter Association and get 10 issues of its newsletter – The Patter – all year long. Just send $22, payable to Mary Dessoie to  265 Eagle Bend Drive, Bigfork, MT  59911-6235. Every member receives a valuable transportation china premium with their membership. ?

— Eric Bradley


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