How to Discern Period Antique Furniture vs Centennial or Later

Check out this fascinating entry on the differences between period American and English Georgian furniture over at Martin WillisAntique Auction Forum. He writes:

Period_American_Sheraton_two_drawer_work_table.jpg“Centennial furniture was born in the traditions mentioned above debuting
at the 1876 International Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. There
was a nostalgia for the developing years of our country and the pieces
became in high demand. This was in the midst of the Victorian
Renaissance Revival styles mostly of walnut adorning the homes and
parlors of the nation.

After the Centennial era, Colonial through Federal styles have had many revivals up to the present day.”

Martin’s post comes at a great time and serves as an excellent guide to period antique furniture. He writes that many people reach out to him with questions about their old furniture. We, too, see questions on this topic. Usually, people are confused when they buy pieces of Federal and Colonial style furniture from a revival that took place in the 1920s and 1930s. Two very different eras, obviously, but it’s crucial antiques buyers learn why one style can fuel a revival and what the original works looked like. Check out Martin’s blog for the real deal and easy identification tips between the styles.

Read the full entry at Antique Auction Forum.

Eric Bradley


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