‘Lone Ranger’ gear rides again in Old West auction

DENVER, Colo. — Three Lone Ranger outfits from the late Clayton Moore’s collection are among the items to be offered at Brian Lebel’s Old West Auction this summer.

lone ranger costume

(Photo courtesy Brian Lebel’s Old West Show)

Clayton Moore’s Lone Ranger Stetson, three pairs of boots and his famous Bohlin double-holster gun rig with “silver” bullets will also be part of the sale, along with signed Lone Ranger comics, books, awards and other personal items.

The pieces come directly from Moore’s collection and are being made available by his daughter, Dawn Moore. She says her father had great respect for his fans, and that, “His wishes were always for me to keep whatever was particularly meaningful to me and then to offer the rest to be enjoyed by fans and collectors.”

Moore starred as the Lone Ranger in 169 episodes of the hugely popular television series, and is widely known for embodying the character’s ideals in his everyday life. “To millions of fans, he was, and is, the only Lone Ranger,” says auction owner Brian Lebel. In fact, Moore’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the only one to include both the actor and his character’s names. He passed away in California in 1999.

Along with the Lone Ranger material, this year’s sale includes fine saddles, spurs, historic antique firearms, Native American artifacts and other Western collectibles. The auction is held in conjunction with Brian Lebel’s Old West Show, a three-day event in Western antiques and arts June 21-23, 2013, at the Denver Merchandise Mart; the auction is June 22. For more information contact press@denveroldwest.com or visit www.denveroldwest.com.

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