Americana and collectibles online auction opens bidding

Hake Americana & Collectibles is in the midst of its 206th auction of character collectibles, pop culture mementos, political memorabilia, holiday collectibles, natural history artifacts and entertainment keepsakes, which closes July 17-19.

Bidders can participate by bidding on the nearly 3,000 items in the catalog either onlineor by calling 866-404-9800.

With amazing diversity, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles, now in its fifth decade, has been tirelessly gathering things collectors love and then finding them new homes through its auctions.

Currently producing four quarterly auctions, Hake’s presents Pop Culture artifacts spanning more than 200 years and in excess of 200 collecting categories.

Founder Ted Hake has authored 17 price guides for collecting specialties that are included in every auction.

Some of these major collectible categories represented in our latest auction include: presidential campaign items, graphic advertising dating back to the 1870s, transportation from the days of buggies to the moon landing and space exploration, holidays, a large high quality section devoted to baseball including rare items for the Richard Merkin collection, world’s fairs, and wars all the way back to the Civil War.

Major categories relating to entertainment include: toys, mechanical banks, movies, pin-ups, pulp magazines, comic and children’s books, original art, comic characters back to the 1880s, cowboy heroes (including Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger), space heroes including Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and superheroes (including Superman, Batman and Marvel Comics characters).

Also represented are famed radio characters such as Amos ‘n’ Andy and Little Orphan Annie, beloved television icon Howdy Doody, gum cards, rock and roll collectibles including Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Woodstock.

Hake’s is also offering a varied selection of autographed items for celebrities, personalities and historical figures.

Hake’s world famous reputation for offering the best vintage Disney character collectibles continues with this auction including an exceptional selection of original art from films such as Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia and several Disney cartoons.

This auction also includes Hake’s inaugural offering of fossils and minerals. Be sure to check out the fossilized Mioplosis fish, petrified wood slice, crystals, carvings and a nearly 20 pound meteorite from Namibia!

All in all, if a person collects anything related to the past 200 years of American history and Pop Culture, they will find something in this auction.

Hakes’ 206th auction is now online and open for bidding at and closes July 17-19, 2012.

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