SOLD: Values of antique and vintage bottles

Michael Polak

Interest in bottle collecting is strong and continues to grow, with new bottle clubs forming throughout the United States and Europe.

antique bottle prices

Collectors spend their free time digging through old dumps and foraging through ghost towns, digging out old outhouses, exploring abandoned mine shafts, and searching their favorite bottle or antique shows, swap meets, flea markets, and garage sales. In addition, the Internet offers collectors opportunities and resources without ever leaving the house.

Most collectors look beyond the type and value of a bottle to its origin and history. Researching the history of bottles can be as interesting as finding the bottle itself.

Here’s a look at some popular  bottles and their recent sales values!

vintage Heinz bottles

Three Heinz food bottles, “Heinz’s Evaporated Horse Radish,” 6-1/2”, $125-$150; “Heinz’s Grape Jelly,” 8”, $125-$150; “Evaporated Horse Radish, H.J. Heinz Co.,” 6-1/2”, $125-$150, 1885-1920.



Amber R E. Roussel’s Mineral Waters bottle, embossed on the front: R E. ROUSSEL’S MINERAL WATERS PHILADa. REVERSE; PATENT., 3 inches across base and 8 inches high, open pontil, $7,655.
Image courtesy eBay seller ajarnut


Heinz sample jugs

Two Heinz sample jugs, “Heinz Tomato Chutney,” 3”, $75-$100; “Prepared Mustard,” 3”, 1885-1920.


American flask

Label Under Glass flask, “Performing Bathing Beauty,” clear glass, 6”, half-pint, screw-on lid, American 1900-1920, $200-$225.


antique pickle bottle

EHVB crosshatched pickle (E.H. Van Benschoten of New York), light green, 14”, six-sided, American 1850-1860, $600-$700.


Johnson & Burke bottle

Johnson & Burke – Turf Exchange – 114 Main St. – Anaconda Mont., clear glass, half-pint, tooled top, American 1885-1895, $700-$800.


Moerlein’s bottle

“Moerlein’s – Old – Jug Lager, 10-1/2” and “Moeerlein’s – Old – Jug Lager,” 8-1/2”, Cincinnati, Ohio 1885-1905, $25 ea.


vintage whiskey flask

Label under glass military whiskey flask, clock with playing cards, “It’s A Long Time Between Drinks,” embossed on back of flask clear glass, 5”, screw top lid, American 1900-1920, $350-400.


Anna Pottery jug

Anna Pottery presentation “Little Brown Jug” to Jessie A. Palmer of Mt. Carroll, Ill. with poem, 5”, fluted spout, large strap applied handle, 1859-1893, $4,025.


Heinz food bottles

Three Heinz food bottles, “Heinz’s Keystone Chow Chow,” 7-1/4”, $200-$240; “Heinz’s Pickles,” 11-1/4”, $200-$240; “Heinz’s Cauliflower – Pickle,” $200-$240, 1885-1920.


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