Mid-century kitsch: Collecting vintage kitchen collectibles

Mid-Century apple cake dome

Cake Cover, metal, yellow lid with apple design. Same pattern was used on canister sets, flour sifters, etc., 1940s-1950s. $22-$25. Courtesy Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2012 Price Guide

The diverse area of kitchenware/household objects offers a world of collecting opportunities. Your interests may lead you to antique rarities more than 100 years old or to items of more recent manufacture. Any and all territory should be considered fair game. As with other collectibles, your primary motivation should be your individual likes and preferences.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer baking pan set

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cake and Mold Pan Set, 8 pieces, copyright 1939, Robert L. May, boxed, 1950s, Bake King, Chicago Metallic Mfg. Co., Chicago. $45-$55

There is a great deal of interest in kitchenware and related items from 35 to 60 years old; these objects rekindle old memories and represent a different, less-complicated era for many.

The items here represent a broad spectrum of kitchen items and cooking activities. These include just about every task you would want to try to master in your kitchen of yesteryear.

There are gadgets of all types and all sorts of accessories, sets, holders, and miscellaneous gizmos. Most of the items are non-electrical and small in scale.

Mid-Century Tater Baker

Tater Baker, metal with plastic handle, “Bakes potatoes, warms buns and leftovers on top of stove,” boxed, 1950, The Everedy Co., Frederick, Maryland. $25-$28

Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2012 Price Guide

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Mid-Century snack server

Deluxe Serving Tray, styrene plastic, large size in two-tone yellow and green with brown center, 1950s, Another Superlon Product, Superior Plastics, Chicago. $25-$28