Tales of painted Hubley doorstop will win cash prizes

Hubley-Boston-Terrier-Doorstop-original.jpgFine Estate Sales is hosting a creative writing contest that will award three winners cash prizes.

The First Prize winner will be awarded $75;
Second Prize is $50;
and Third Prize is $25.

The subject of the writing contest:

Make up a story about why anyone would paint the Hubley cast iron Boston Terrier (shown below) red.

Based on recent auction results, in its original condition (as shown above), a Hubley cast iron Boston Terrier would bring $50 or more at auction. The painted version is anyone’s guess.

painted Hubley-Boston-Terrier-Doorstop.jpgHere are the contest rules:

1. Make up a story, devise a theory or if you are the person who painted this poor dog red, tell us why you did it.

2. Your story could go on and on or be as short as a few sentences.

3. Extra points are given for wacky, zany, different or just bizarre.

4. Your entry must be posted as a comment on the Fine Estates contest page to have a chance to win.

5. As an alternative to rule number one, you could tell us what we should do with the little doggy now that someone painted the poor thing red.

6. Deadline for contest entry is: This Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011.

Visit Codina’s Fine Estates contest page for more details and enter your contest entry (story) as a comment on his blog post.

Good luck!






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