Antiques and heirlooms – a perfect way to celebrate the past and appreciate the present

As my amazing little Irish grandmother used to say, “If you loved something a little during your life tell someone about it, so it can be loved forever.”

Pretty profound lady, sweet Ann (Kelly) Pape was. I know if she were still around she’d find my role as an editor with Antique Trader to be “the bee’s knees.” Which is why I chose a workplace heirloom that celebrates my part in the storied history of Antique Trader, and coincidentally makes me think of my grandmother every time I see it. Not to mention, the item is a unique receptacle for libations, and as someone with deep Irish roots I do appreciate the history of libation containment. (I wish I would have come up with that phrase when I was in college – could have come in handy).

In any event that is why, as part of the Heirloom Registry Scavenger Hunt, I registered our Antique Trader decanter in Houstory’s Heirloom Registry.

The registry is an ultra cool site where you can create an inventory of your heirlooms and record their stories, for you and those who follow you, to enjoy for years to come. You affix an Heirloom Registry sticker to an unnoticeable place on each item, and anyone who sees it can go to Heirloom Registry, enter the code on the sticker, and read what wrote about that item.


When I moved to my new desk I immediately noticed the Antique Trader decanter positioned directly in the middle of desk area I share with my co-editor Karen Knapstein. It’s a hard item to miss – enchanting, historic, rich with detail, and part of it is in the shape of a newspaper. What more could you ask for? If you spent any time with an old-school newspaper editor you’d know they’d simply ask for an extra bottle of liquid gold to refill the decanter when the original contents “evaporated.”


Now onto the Heirloom Registry scavenger hunt for fun and the chance to win some GREAT prizes!

  • If you’d like to start the scavenger hunt now, go to The Houstory Hearth blog’s special Scavenger Hunt Page. There you’ll find information about the hunt, the prizes, and the list of the other three blogs you’ll need to visit today.
  • If you already know what you’re doing, here’s the Heirloom Registry ID Code you need to obtain my secret word: ZTZY-780-718 -2317-2012
  • * If this is your final stop for Hunt No. 3, be sure to submit your entry form with your secret words before Sunday, March 10, 2013 at midnight PST. Good luck – and happy hunting!

Our friends at Houstory Publishing have put together this excellent and brief video about the process for entering the code. Check it out: