Antiques wanted: Miss America travel decals; Brass weights; Police and fire badges

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Wanted: Miss America travel decals: Collector needs just four more

Miss America travel decalShown here is the Miss America series travel decal for Maryland; it has a red outline of the state, “Maryland” in red arched across the top, and a pinup girl at center stage.

In 1954, on a trip from California to Kentucky (partly on Route 66), I acquired my first travel decal.

Over the years, I have almost completed my collection of Miss America Series travel decals. The Miss America decals I collect all have the state outlined in red and the pinup girl on the front. On the back it will say “Miss America Series” (although some don’t) and usually a reorder number like MD 412.

I am only missing Connecticut (No. 424), Delaware (No. 425), New Hampshire (No. 445) and Rhode Island (No. 455 ).

If any reader has a copy or a picture of any of these decals, I would love to see it.
Completing this collection would mean the world to me.

– B. S.


Wanted: Marking good deeds with aid medals

I am looking for military and humanitarian medals from foreign
countries. I am not buying Nazi medals.

I’m interested in medals given to countries for aid after earthquakes and volcano disasters, lifesaving, etc. I’ve been collecting for 5 years.

– P.M.R.


Wanted: 28-pound brass weight

I am looking for a 28-pound brass bell-type weight.

Shown here is a scan of a 14-pound weight, which measures in at nearly 10 inches tall. The maker of this weight is not important. But it has to be 28 pounds.

If anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale, please contact me at the phone number and email address listed below.

– S. J. K.

Wanted: Ready for cuppa Reddy Kilowatt

Help! I’m trying to locate a Reddy Kilowatt coffee pot and/or teapot, and an oval plate. These are the only items I need to complete my Reddy Kilowatt dinnerware collection.

These pieces are heavyweight restaurant-grade china, most likely made by Syracuse China Co. They would show a large Reddy Kilowatt figure in red.
Thanks very much!

– D.W.

vintage police and fire badgesThis obsolete Cedartown, Ga., police badge earned $50 at Affilliated Auctions’ Jan. 29, 2012, sale in Tallahassee, Fla.

Wanted: Police and Fire Dept. badges

My name is Gail and I subscribe to Antique Trader. My husband Stephen and I are interested in obtaining police and fire badges or related material.
Thank You.

– G. S.


Wanted: Hoping for a lead on  blue refrigerator jar

Blue glass refrigerator jarHelp! I broke one of my glass Surlock-Rontanerette triangle-shaped refrigerator jars!
When I was a child, my mother had a set of five jars on a turntable in her icebox. As the years went by, she gave them away.

Imagine my delight when, a few years ago, I found a set of five jars at a flea market in Cheyenne, Wyo., then later the turntable in Fort Collins, Colo.

So, when I broke one, I despaired — until I realized I could ask the readers in Antique Trader Land if anyone knows where or how I could find a replacement.
Thank you so much!
Write to me at:

– S.H.O.


Wanted: A way to clean an oil painting without ruining it!

I have been looking for a recipe for cleaning an old oil painting. (Definitely 20th, but could be 19th century.) Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

– M.A.C.


Wanted: Scale-type thermometers

I am a collector of bathtub scale thermometers.
I am always looking for additional ones to add to my collection.

Please e-mail me pictures and prices of any that you have for sale.
Thanking you in advance.

– W. via email


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