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Q. Do you have any information and value of this picture, On Guard, 1748, Copyrighted 1907, Jos. Hoover & Son, Philadelphia & New York. — S.O., Curwensville, Pa.

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A. Joseph Hoover (Joseph Hoover & Sons), was a Philadelphia printmaker who started out circa 1856, first making frames before he turned to printmaking. At first he worked for other publishers, which could explain the double publisher reference. He produced charming prints in black and white, of which yours is an example, but later worked in chromolithography. By the turn of the century his firm was one of the largest publishers in the country.

McLoughlin Bros. (1828-1920) is one of the best known 19th century publishers who pioneered colored printing techniques in America. They specialized in children’s books and prints that told a classic ideal or story and showed the charm of the period. Most of the early board games printed in America were by McLoughlin Bros., who also produced an “On Guard” series of colored prints featuring a large St. Bernard with two little girls.

Your 1907 print is charming, not as known or plentiful as the McLoughlin version. It tells the story of a dog with a tough exterior charmingly showing his loyal and loving heart. The frame appears original.

In fine condition your print has a replacement value of approximately $150; a resale value of approximately one half of retail.

However, there appears to be moisture damage apparent on the left hand side of the print. This very seriously hurts the value, leaving minimal insurance value and little to no resale value.

This is one to cherish and enjoy without worrying too much about its value.

just answer randeen cummingsRandeen M. Cummings Nelson is the principal at Cummings & Associates Personal Property Appraisal Services of Eugene, Ore. (541-345-5856). A speaker, writer and certified appraiser through the International Society of Appraisers, she operated her own antiques shop, Victorian Parlour Antiques, and  formerly managed the Coburg Inn Antique Shops of Coburg, Ore. She is an instructor on American Brilliant cut glass and has been featured in many antiques-related publications. In addition, Nelson works at JustAnswer as one of thousands of experts in more than 150 categories (including antiques and collectibles) who provide fast and reliable information to users.
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