Ask Antique Trader: These modern chairs are worth an expert’s eye

Q These two old chairs that were passed down to me by my grandparents. I know they must have value to the right collector – but unfortunately I know nothing about their origin, manufacturer or their worth. Would you have any knowledge? They are all original as you can see and I didn’t dare try to touch them up in any way because I do know that can affect an antique’s value. Please let me know your thoughts and Thanks so very much for your time! — C.M., via e-mail

A These chairs are called Barcelona chairs designed by Miles van de Rohe in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exposition in Barcelona and originally produced by Knoll. Some background on the chairs can be found on their very own Wikipedia page These special chairs have sold anywhere from $175 to as much as $6,000 for a pair with original ottomans. Early versions by Knoll sell in the $3,000 to $4,000 range. Modern knock-offs sell in the $300-$400 range.

-Tip of the hat to our Furniture Detective Fred Taylor, for his help on these great chairs. — Eric.

Q I bought this vase at an auction several years ago and have always liked it. Recently I’ve had people see it and tell me that it’s worth some money.  I really have no idea and don’t really care, but just out of curiosity, thought I ask an expert. If you can help me, I’d also like to know about when it was made.  Thanks so much for any help. — L.M., Kentland, Ind.

A You have a lovely piece of Chic Pottery. Chic Pottery is marked “Zanesville, [O] or OHIO” on the bottom, however the company was based in Wellsville, Ohio, from 1938-1943. A trademark decoration of most Chic Pottery pieces is the use of gold accent along the edges. The floral decoration is applied, not painted. The vase is worth about $30 to $40, depending on your region of the country.

Mystery Item

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Q I bought these chairs at an auction over 10 years ago and can’t find makers name or tags. They look modern to me, but I am not sure. They are in good condition with just a little rub here and there. Can you help with maker’s name and value? Read your column every month and it is interesting and informative. — J.R. via e-mail.

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