Ives Hippodrome clockwork toy may carry away $30,000 in live, online auction

This exceedingly rare (one of only a handful known to exist) Ives Hippodrome clockwork toy comes fresh to the market with a $20,000-30,000 estimate.

FAIRFIELD, Maine — A multimillion-dollar three-day dual auction extravaganza is planned at James D. Julia Auctions in Fairfield, Maine. Commencing at 10 a.m. each day, the back-to-back cataloged auctions are filled with two full days of fine glass and lamps Nov. 28-29, followed Nov. 30 by a diverse array of toys, dolls, antique advertising, coin-op, music machines, salesman samples and more.

An item sure to cause a buzz is a rare clockwork toy by Ives, known as the Hippodrome. One of only a handful known to exist, it depicts a lady standing in a chariot holding the reins to two hollow-body horses. The chariot, accented with gold embossed horses, is further enhanced by its original paper label and comes with an estimate of $20,000 to $30,000.

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Other exciting offerings include a private collection of American figural papier-mâché skittles sets. Topping the list is an example of a rare crouched full-bodied Indian chief container with full headdress, crawling along the ground. With great color and molding, the set is accompanied by a tribe of skittles ready to be bowled over and set up again. Believed to be only one of a handful known to exist, it comes to the block with a $15,000 to $20,000 estimate.

A private collection of American figural papier mache skittles sets is highlighted by a rare crouched full bodied Indian chief container with full headdress. With great color and molding, the set is accompanied by a tribe of skittles and comes to the block with a $15,000-20,000 estimate

The mechanical toy category includes a quality grouping of early American tin toys. One example is a George Brown clockwork two-wheeled cart with tin limbed rider and a papier-mâché head. Being pulled by two galloping black horses, the piece comes with an estimate of $8,000 to $12,000.

Also included will be a clockwork toy that appears to be driven by the rider’s arm power, the Ives boy on velocipede (also known as the perambulator) with its seldom-seen original box. Sitting on his horse head tricycle, he works the levers and is propelled across the floor. In exceptional all-original condition with a repairable seam separation to his papier-mâché head, this piece carries an $8,000 to $10,000 estimate.

This phenomenal exact miniature scale model of an Autocar WWI military supply vehicle from the early 1900s is identical to the original to the smallest detail. It pulls in with an estimate of $45,000-65,000.

Other offerings include an estate collection of more than 80 cast-iron automotive toys from the John Gale Estate of Cambridge, Mass., including Arcade taxi cabs, service trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. This will join a variety of pressed steel vehicles, including an outstanding Buddy L Outdoor train in perhaps the finest original condition available today.

Of particular note is a collection of mammoth life-sized stuffed animals including Steiff, part of the collection of model/sports journalist Joumana Kidd (ex-wife of NBA N.Y. Knicks star Jason Kidd). They are being sold unreserved, the proceeds of which are earmarked to benefit Marblejam Kids, a charitable organization Ms. Kidd works with that is dedicated to raising autism awareness. The offering includes an imposing yet lovable plush brown grizzly bear standing a massive 10 feet tall that is expected to finish up at $3,000 to $4,000.

A massive collection of more than 900 glass candy containers from the 40-year collection of Betty and “Mack” MacDuff includes planes, trains, automobiles, comic characters, household objects and much more; the collection is to be sold unreserved, individually and in group lots.

German character dolls are highlighted by an exceedingly rare and desirable 21” K*R 107 known as “Carl”. His captivating expression with his puffy lips, painted eyes come with expectations of $45,000-55,000. Photo courtesy James D. Julia Auctioneers.

The auction continues with a selection of top shelf dolls consisting of fine bisque French and German character examples among others. Highlights include a 17-inch Bru Jne 7 with deep blue paperweight eyes and appealing expression ($12,000-$15,000).

The auction continues with a large and varied grouping of quality antique advertising items. A most unique buying opportunity comes with an original albumen photo of Coca-Cola founder Dr. John Pemberton and Asa Candler, the man to whom he sold the company in 1888. This is the only known original example of this photo (or any original photo of Pemberton for that matter) known to exist. The photo shows the two men in front of Candler’s store with him holding a sheet of paper, which is believed to be either the contract between the two men, or perhaps the original secret formula for America’s favorite soft drink. With the purchase of this photo comes the rights to it and all it encompasses ($50,000-$75,000).

This will be joined by many production advertising pieces by the soft drink giant, including a rare 1907 paper sign depicting a Victorian lady in a fancy red dress and elbow length gloves enjoying a glass of the beverage at her local fountain. This version with the bottle pictured on the table comes with an estimate of $12,000 to $15,000. And a 1920 Coca-Cola lady golfer calendar in exceptional condition carries a $3,250 to $3,750 estimate.

For more information on the Nov. 28-30 James D. Julia auctions, call 207-453-7125.

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