The evolution of the cookie jar

vintage Alice in Wonderland cookie jar

Cookie jars evolved from the elegant British biscuit jars found on Victorian-era tables. As the biscuit jar was adapted for use in America, it migrated from the dining table to the kitchen and, by the late 1920s, it was common to find a green-glass jar (or pink or clear), often with an applied label and a screw-top lid, on kitchen counters in the typical American home. Read More +

Online auction offers more than 250 antiquities with guaranteed authenticity

Moche Stirrup Vessel

On May 12, 2012,, a fully owned subsidiary of Artemis Gallery Ancient Art, will offer more than 250 lots of antiquities. “All items offered for sale in this auction have been legally acquired and are legal to sell, and are guaranteed authentic/as described,” says Teresa Dodge, Managing Director of Antiquities Saleroom. Read More +