Peter Force 1843 printing of Declaration of Independence realizes $10,620

High-grade example of the Peter Force 1843 printing of the Declaration of Independence ($10,620). Photo courtesy Archives International.

A high-grade example of the Peter Force 1843 printing of the Declaration of Independence, taken from the J.W. Stone printing plate originally made in 1823, sold for $10,620, and a pair of Edison stock tickers, both circa 1900-1910, brought $8,260 and $5,900 at a three-session auction held Oct. 20, 21 and 23 by Archives International Auctions. Read More +

Antique banknote, coin and scripophily sale offers over 1,200 lots

American Colonial money

Hundreds of banknotes that have been off the market or never offered before at auction will cross the block starting Oct. 18 at the Museum of American Finance in New York City. The sale include notes from Argentina, rare China issues, unlisted 1879 and 1880s Keeling Cocos rarities, East Africa, South Africa, Russia, an amazing collection of over 20 Georgia colonial banknotes. Read More +

Ancient Greek stater coin featuring satyr breaks $3.2 million sale record

Prospero Collection Greek stater coin record

A beautiful example of a Gold Stater from Pantikapaion depicting the head of a satyr broke all previous world records for an ancient Greek coin, selling Jan. 5, 2012 for a phenomenal $3.2 million (hammer). The coin is one of the most spectacular numismatic objects to have survived from the classical world and is one of the greatest and admired of all the ancient Greek coins. Read More +

Marcus Brutus’ ‘Ides of March’ silver denarius coin may bring $500,000

The most famous ancient coin in existence, the "Ides of March" silver denarius struck by Julius Caesar’s assassin, Marcus Brutus is being offered for the first time in years, Sept. 7, 2011 by Heritage Auctions of Dallas. The event celebrated on the coin is the assassination of Julius Caesar on the "Ides of March," March 15, 44 BC. The dime-sized silver coin depicts the head of Marcus Junius Brutus, one of the ringleaders of the assassination plot, on its obverse. The reverse depicts a dome-shaped liberty cap, flanked by two drawn daggers, and the Latin inscription EID MAR.
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