vintage bridle

This Laramie territorial prison horsehair bridle, circa 1890s, sold for $5,175. The all natural black and white Wyoming-territorial hitched horsehair bridle has 14 hair tassels, closed reins and romal. The bridle features bold geometric diamond patterns.

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  1. johnwaynscousin

    I have a similar headstall which is passed down to me from my mother Janice Morrison who passed away last year. it is a beautiful perfect condition has been in storage for over 40 years. it was given to my grandmother Goldie Morrison after her husband passed away by her brother in law who was the father of Marion Morrison John Wayne my mother’s first cousin. it was said to have been used as a prop in earlier western films starring my cousin John Wayne. mthis beautiful work of this beautiful work of art which was handmade in the Deer Valley prison far before I was ever even thought of. my mother had told me to hold on to this and one day if my children and I were in a bind to auction it off. that day has come unfortunately. my father and I both work in the film industry where I was injured over a year ago. I still have not been able to get my doctor’s release to go back to work this is created a very difficult hardship for my children and I. I would never ever even think of selling this beautiful work of art that I not ever gotten into this situation.the only known duplicate of this bridal was auctioned off for over $14,000. Therfore at this time I must part ways with this piece of my family’s history and the history of the Western the United States. my mother told me to take no less than $14,000 for it however before I place it in an auction. I’m willing to offer it for $13,000 at this time. However should the workmans compensation insurance company comes through for me in time I will definitely take it back off the market indefinitely.