Seal presses get collector stamp of approval

You’ve probably seen those old cast iron seal presses sitting on a lawyer’s desk or in a courthouse office. You may have noticed you see them less frequently than you did 20 or 30 years ago. Inked stamps have replaced embossed seals for 99 percent of their former uses and cast iron seal presses are fast becoming part of America’s past. Read More +

Investing in collectibles: Does passion have a place in wealth management?

What’s your passion? Early Ming vases? Hepplewhite chairs? Art Nouveau jewelry? One in three Americans collects something. Even antique collections that start as hobbies can quickly build in value to thousands, or even millions, of dollars. Once the collection becomes a significant part of your net worth, it should be considered in any wealth management strategy. But few collectors or advisors take this view. Read More +