Collectors search for limited Fenton convention commemoratives

Fenton Glass
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by Mark F. Moran

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The Fenton Art Glass Collectors Association (FAGCA) formed in 1977 as the Fenton Finders of Wisconsin and was soon holding annual conventions. At that time, they began commissioning Fenton to produce special items and these were then used at the convention as banquet favors, souvenirs and fund raisers. Each item was made in very limited production and if you weren’t at the convention yourself, they were nearly impossible to acquire; therefore they hold excellent value for the serious collector.

The very first souvenir item was the ruby carnival Butterfly covered candy box (sometimes called amberina iridescent). In 1980, the souvenir was a beautiful butterfly on a base in Velva Rose glass. Each piece bore the FAGCA butterfly logo and date. Other popular collectibles from the conventions include Fenton oval or square logos produced in a variety of colors, daisy & button top hats, a chocolate owl ring tree, butterfly mug, bubble optic melon vases in dusty rose overlay. In general, earlier pieces from the 1970s and 1980s hold higher value than items produced in the 1990s and later.

The FAGCA molds have been produced in many of Fenton’s most interesting and collectible glass colors. For 2008, the Happy Cat was produced in sky-blue glass. FAGCA “Exclusive” pieces are available only to FAGCA members.

FAGCA collectibles do come on the market – look for the FAGCA butterfly logo and year, and enjoy having a rare piece of history.