Cyr’s Annual Americana Auction celebrates our nation’s past as we welcome the New Year

Welcoming the future, in the form of a new calendar year, has always brought with it reflections on the past and hopes for what the future will bring.  Items such as a Pillow Cover with the Embroidered Seal of the Sanitary Commission (the Civil War-era precursor to the Red Cross) and a U.S. Centennial Flag remind us of our nation’s past.  These items, along with weathervanes, folk art portraits, paintings and sculptures, cast iron doorstops, trade signs, still and mechanical banks, textiles, game boards, coin-operated machines, country store items, toys, painted furniture, and more will be sold at Cyr Auction Company’s two-day, two-session Americana Auction Jan. 7-8, 2009. Both sessions will begin at 10 a.m. and take place at their auction gallery in Gray, Maine. Go to for an immediate online preview.

Session I of Cyr’s Americana Auction includes the Embroidered Pillow Cover and U.S. Centennial Flag mentioned above, along with a variety of weathervanes in the familiar form of gilt-covered roosters along with the forms of running horses, a game cock, an Indian shooting his bow, and a swordfish, with materials varying from wood and wrought iron to painted tin. The Jan. 7 Session I also features a large cartridge trade figure (44 inches by 20 inches by 34 inches) of a carved and painted goose that was formerly on display in the window of Boston’s Bob’s Sporting Goods Store on Franklin Street, a pair of pewter candelabra chandeliers, whalebone artifacts, political canes, a Frederick Wingate tall clock, paint-decorated toleware, a flintlock musket, a nautical painting by S.F.M. Badger, and much, much more.

Session II of Cyr’s Americana Auction features a pair of horse covers advertising Tuttle’s Elixir, a carved and painted druggist’s trade sign in the form of a mortar and pestle, a partial collection of vintage coin-operated machines, cast iron banks and doorstops, country store items, vintage and antique toys and much more. One of the vintage coin-operated machines is a Bally Skyscraper Pinball Machine (1934). The skyscraper features the Empire State Building, then the world’s tallest building and a symbol of America’s advanced technology and prosperity, at night.  It was one of the first American pinball machines to feature lights in the field of play.

Again, go to their Web site at for an immediate online preview of Cyr’s two-day, two-session Winter Americana Auction.  Cyr Auction Company welcomes left/absentee and phone bids from those who are unable to attend our auctions in person. Contact them at 207-657-5253 or for additional information.

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