Dealers rally after closure of collective to open new shop


Janice's shop

A variety of items and a warm and charming presentation are among the ways dealers are making good use of space at Antiques and More. (Submitted photo)

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — On January 19, 2014, Lana and Bob Soldano closed the doors of Laurel Street Antiques and Collectibles in San Carlos, CA. The collective had been open for 30 years, the last 20 of which it was owned and managed by the Soldano’s. The closure not only caused the loss of another well-known antique store, but also the loss of a home for 34 dealers to sell their items. With the number of collectives with spaces and cases available shrinking, finding new places to sell has been difficult.

However, a group of dealers from Laurel Street, led by Janice Myrick, decided to open a new store. Laurel Street dealers were polled to determine who was interested in moving into a new store. With significant interest, Janice moved ahead looking for a new building. She found one in a former carpet store on El Camino Real, the main street that runs down the entire San Francisco Peninsula in San Carlos. The new shop, Antiques and More, is located at: 1148 El Camino Real, San Carlos, Calif.

The new store is about a third of the size of the previous Laurel Street store, so many of the dealers had to adjust to using smaller spaces and/or cases. This has resulted in some very imaginative displays. The result is a cozy, intimate, and attractive store. The store is open now, and an official grand opening celebration is scheduled for April 26th and 27th.

Dealers at the collective offer a variety of items. While most dealers are generalists, offering a wide selection of items, others are specialists. The Gingham Kitchen offers vintage kitchen bowls, linens, and pots and pans. Al’s Trains offers vintage toy and model trains, along with track, buildings, and other items essential for train collectors and operators. Charleene’s Jewels of Pacifica offers an eclectic collection of vintage and collectible jewelry: Bakelite, Native American, costume, etc. Step into The Closet, where you will find vintage hats, accessories clothing, linens, with the sounds of big band music playing in the background. Other dealers offer French jewelry and furniture, sports memorabilia, vintage paper items such as advertising and sheet music, rare books, miniatures and doll house items, glassware, dishes, silver, dolls, toys, art, furniture, and other items for the avid collector and antique lover. For the do it yourselfer, Lana Soldano offers a line of Howard finishing products, as well as plate holders, stands, and other display items.

At the present time, Antiques and More has twenty dealers, nineteen of whom are former Laurel Street dealers. For dealers who may be interested, there are cases available for rent. As part of their participation in the collective, all of the dealers work in the shop, so every day, customers will have a chance to meet the actual dealers. People who appreciated the friendly, knowledgeable dealers at Laurel Street will find many of the same helpful people at Antiques and More.


Pictured here are some of the dealers who now call Antiques and More home to their businesses, left to right, Cyndee Seyk-Young, Lana Soldano, Roya Parivar, Myra Greenberg, Carolynn Bergamaschi, and Janice Myrick. (Submitted photo)

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