Fostoria glass rarities show up at 12th annual Elegant & Depression Glass Show in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Dealers at the 12th Annual Elegant and Depression Glass Show packed the Tennessee State Fairgrounds with elegant and depression glass, July 16-17, including some rare pieces. Two of the rarer pieces at the show included a Fostoria American soap dish and a Cambridge glass owl lamp. The Fostoria soap dish was complete with lid and was priced at $3,500. The owl lamp was priced at $2,100.

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The show featured 24 dealers from 13 states. Although attendance was less than in some prior years, more than 500 people attended the show over the two-day period.

Other pieces of Cambridge glass were offered by Jack Peacock and Mark Miller of North Carolina. They had a mandolin lady flower frog for $585 and a draped lady flower frog for $535. Joan and Ernest Thomason of Georgia had several Cambridge glass ivy ball vases priced from $135 to $150.

The Thomasons also had many pieces of Fenton Silver Crest in their booth. An epergne was priced at $335; tumblers, $115 each; a 15-inch plate, $55; and smaller plates were $50. Other items included an amber pitcher in the Rock Crystal pattern priced at $800; a green pitcher in the same pattern for $650; and an amber footed center bowl for $200.

Many dealers used colorful depression glass to make an attractive display. Pam and Fred Myers of Texas offered an American Sweetheart console bowl in Monax for $600 and a red American Sweetheart salver for $425. Glen and Carolyn Robinson of South Carolina had many pieces of pink depression glass in the Holiday pattern, aka buttons and bows. They offered a pair of candlesticks for $165, footed iced teas for $197 each, a chop plate for $125, and soup bowls for $67 each.

Dave and Kay Tucker from Illinois displayed many patterns of  cobalt blue depression glass. A Royal Lace butter was priced at $725, a Royal Lace pitcher was $595, and a Royal Lace toddy set was $325. They also had a large tilt fine rib pitcher for $95 and small fine rib juice glasses for $15. 

Fire-king glassware by Anchor Hocking has become collectible and it was available from several dealers. Janet and Wanda Wasson of Indiana had a Jadeite reamer for $59; Jadeite soups for $89; and casseroles priced from $14 to $35. Sandi and Dennis Boone of Illinois offered Jadeite plates for $26; a square pan with handle for $85; and square cups and sauces for $16,

Older glassware was available at the show from Don Jones and Danny Cornelius of Ohio. Their booth was filled with Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG).

American-made pottery by Roseville and other potters was offered by several dealers at the show.

The glass show was supplemented this year with three seminars on different aspects of American-made glassware. Pan and Fred Myers explained how to distinguish elegant glass from depression glass. Fostoria Glass Society members Pat Green and Larry Duke presented a program on Fostoria’s Navarre pattern, and Don Jones and Danny Cornelius presented a seminar on Early American Pattern Glass and explained how decorators and collectors can use pieces that were made for one purpose for other purposes.

The show was hosted by The Fostoria Glass Society of Tennessee, a chapter of The Fostoria Glass Society of America. Proceeds from the show are used to support the Fostoria Glass Museum in Moundsville, W. Va., and other organizations that preserve the history and artistry of American glassmakers. Next year’s show is planned for the third weekend in July.

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