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If there’s one thing we’ve come to discover it’s there are always events to satisfy and speak to the passion for antiques and collectibles.

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Searching the the display of prints during a show makes for a grand adventure.

Sometimes you have to search a bit to find something that meets your interests and location, but it’s certainly worth the effort if you are able to enjoy a little bit of antiquing joy. In othe rmoments we may find a full schedule of offerings, leaving us with the need to select the adventure that’s best for us. It’s not a problem most of us would complain about. 

To help you flesh out your calendar while identifying events that are ideal for you, we’ve gathered information about several shows, markets, auctions, and happenings to satisfy your antiquing spirit. 

Check out the Antique Trader Show Calendar >>>> AND the Antique Trader Auction Calendar >>> to get a handle on the latest opportunities. 

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Antoinette Rahn is the former online editor and content manager for Antique Trader. She has a penchant for collecting petroliana, vintage advertising items, Irish collectibles and general Americana. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Tom.