From the Editor: Your antiques interests matter

Sometimes the most truthful things sound cliché, even though they are the exact sentiment we want to convey. With that in mind, I want to reiterate something I hope you already know: Your opinions, thoughts, and antiques interests and needs matter to us. This simple truth is at the core of why we do what we do, and why we say we work for you.

Some of our favorite Antique Trader features are those where you share your comments and questions. In our July 24, 2013 issue you’ll find many examples of this, and I want to draw your attention to a couple.

First, there’s the Reader’s Letters section. It is a great forum for letting your voice be heard, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of this space to comment on something you read in our magazine, question or offer opinions about a topic within the antiques and collectibles community. Whatever antiques-related thoughts you want to share, please do. In this issue the Reader’s Letters section features responses to our recent Question of the Week: When someone asks you why antiques and antiquing is important to you, what do you say?

We’ve received many thoughtful and inspiring responses, and have been pleased to hear many people tell us that our question gave them pause to consider what antiques really do

One Antique Trader subscriber has his eye on adding more of this type of cranberry-colored tumbler to his collection. (Photo courtesy Chris Kocsis)

One Antique Trader subscriber has his eye on adding more of this type of cranberry-colored tumbler to his collection. (Photo courtesy Chris Kocsis)

mean to them. Click here to view some of the many responses we received.

Another popular place where reader interests and needs are shared — and often satisfied — is through our Picker’s List. Here you’ll find requests from fellow subscribers for all types of items. In this issue you’ll find a request from a reader in Virginia who is seeking a specific type and size of glass tumbler in order to amass a collection. The rules of Picker’s List is pretty simple: If you’re a subscriber (print or digital) to Antique Trader and are seeking an item to add to your collection, send us a note with details about what you’re looking for (photos are always appreciated) and we’ll share your request with your fellow Antique Trader readers.

Last — but certainly not least — we have our Ask the Experts column. This fascinating section features subscriber inquiries into the identification and value of various items, and it also includes the assessment of that inquiry by a graduate student of the Asheford Institute of Antiques — our partner in providing this popular and valuable service. We do have a waiting list for this professional assessment service, but we are pursuing additional options to serve more of your inquiries more quickly.

Thank you for being an active part of “your” magazine – keep those letters coming.

This article originally appeared in Antique Trader magazine
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