Antiques dealers must adapt more than inventory to stay relevant

Melanie Thomas for Antique Trader magazine

Because we live in a culture fascinated by youth and addicted to everything electronic, there is one species fending off, as best it can, the threat of extinction. I’ll call this genus the antiques dealer. If Darwin is correct, adaptation is tantamount to our species’ survival.

After a trip to England and realizing 90 percent of the antique dealers “across the pond” had gone the way of the buffalo, I was determined to survive. The minute we landed back in the states, our website was updated to a more “Google-friendly” platform and now oozes with SEO keywords, enabling us to be “found” by those persnickety search engines. Read More +

Rare Cheyenne Indian quilled shirt may bring $500K windfall to So. Oregon historical society


SAN FRANCISCO – The sale of a rare Cheyenne quilled shirt, circa 1830-1840 from The Bones Collection, will be sold Dec. 5, 2011 to benefit the Southern Oregon Historical Society as part of Bonhams’ Native American sale. Considered one of the earliest examples known to exist , the shirt has been in their collection since the 1950s. It is said to have been collected at Fort McPherson in Nebraska in 1868, and may be associated with Spotted Tail, a Sioux leader. The shirt is expected to sell for between $300,000 and $500,000. Read More +