Picker’s List: On the hunt for advertising jars, lids

I am a long-time collector of Lance and Tom’s rare, hard-to-find jars and lids. Lance Packing Company was founded in 1912 in Charlotte, N.C., by P.L. Lance, and Tom Huston formed the Tom’s Company in 1925 in Columbus, Ga. Both companies were makers of toasted peanuts and the wonderful peanut butter cracker sandwiches, along with many other products. Lance stopped production of their jars in 1978 and Tom’s stopped production of their last standard red-letter jars sometime in the early 1980s.


Both companies produced several sizes and variations of jars, but even more so, they produced many different lid styles. These styles included use of various materials including aluminum, glass, metal, nickel-plated steel, rubber/composite, etc. In addition, they made several different styles of finals, as well.

My current collection consists of 17 different Lance jar/lid combinations, and 29 different Tom’s jar/lid combinations. I am searching for the following items and regional variations of these jars and lids:

• Lance circular jar embossed on bottom with “Lance Packing Co., Charlotte, N.Car.”

• Jars marked with “INSIST ON LANCE’S”

• All early Lance Packaging Company apothecary jarssam_3138web

• Over-the-lip glass Lance lid

• Tom’s rubber/composite lid

• Regular variations of Tom’s lid.

— Derrell Matthews

28248 Nancy Ct.

Conroe, Texas 77385


3 thoughts on “Picker’s List: On the hunt for advertising jars, lids

  1. KDAY

    I have searched everywhere and have not been able to find any sources to help me date Lance jars. I see different fonts used for the word Lance, some jars have Lance embossed once on the bottom and sometimes twice and in two different prints. There are many lids! I have seen a blue lid but have to assume someone painted it, then there’s glass and of course red. I’ve found jars with spears crossed and the typical Lance logo but I don’t know how to tell the age of the items and if they are real. Can someone help me?