Question of the Week: What are your antiques-related goals for 2013

Editor’s Note: After a bit of a hiatus we’ve brought back the Antique Trader Question of the Week. We pose a question and if it interests you and you have a comment, share it and we’ll share it with our readers. We’ve found, and we hope you do too, that some of the best ideas come from a single question.

Check out these intriguing answers to the question about goals for 2013:

Prudence Taylor “Working on creating an art and antique event for the public in a garden setting. Trying to support local artists and craftsmen with antiques for sale. Have some music and food also. Trying to set this up in the woods on my property and make it casual and fun, a two-day event in the spring. That is my idea for my next event – Taylor Woods Emporium.

Kevin Beyer “I would like to purchase an appropriate piece of furniture to house and possibly display my collection. I am looking for a vintage document cabinet, or something similar to contain a collection of military medals.”

Jacqueline Grell Rose “To display smalls, like the medals mentioned by Kevin Beyer. Try a ‘spin display.’ I have one and it’s ideal and fun to share with others as the trays go around.”

Graceful Antiques and Collectibles “My goal has been the same for awhile but think I will expand on it somehow this year. To continue and find ways to educate others, especially the young, on preserving our past. I see some in the field are, and it is exciting. I would love to see Antique Trader have a section for young collectors. I started at 9 years old, collecting postcards and TV guides.”

Susie Russo Martin “I am working on photographing and cataloging all the lil’ things I have inherited, and plan to put them in a photo book for my kids, for a future reference. I plan to get all the old family photographs labeled, scanned and put into photo books for next year’s gifts. I hate looking at things and trying to find out which rumor you heard was the truth, or how something got passed down, and who the heck is really in those pics!”

Riley Eckel Schiffaeley “Try to find a painting by Julia Eckel ‘Girl With a Doll.’ I am that girl.”

Alison Avocet “Share antique knowledge on my blog and connect with other junk lovers!”

Diana Castle Radcliffe “I’d like some insight on how the market is changing with the economy and young folks not being interested in antiques as much.”

Cindy Howard “I want to market a book I am working on about ‘collecting’!”

Margaret Siemers “As a part-time seller of antiques and collectibles in an online specialty mall called Ruby Lane, I have a much different goal than your collectors would have. I have spent the last seven years learning, with an eye toward doing this full time when I reach retirement age. In this, my eighth year, I have the goal to make my shop more visible to the general public, and boost the amount of items in my shop. Because I was timid about the cost of going over 50 items in my shop at one time I stuck rather close to that mark. Timid because there was so much to learn and I wanted to do it right for the sake of the customers dealing with me, and the legacy from previous family members I was selling them.

Editor’s 2nd Note: These comments were submitted via email and on our Facebook page. Look for more about Margaret Siemers’ progress toward achieving her business goals in the Knowing Your Business profile in the March 20 issue of Antique Trader.

CURRENT QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Where are your favorite places to find items to add to your collection(s)?
Question of the Week

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