Readers joining the conversation on the Antique Trader facebook feed

A while back, we asked our Facebook fans, “If I had $1,000 to spend on antiques, I would buy _____.” Here are a few of the (more than 100) responses we received:

@Dave Miller: A classic floor model radio. I love old-time radio, and just having a radio that played the old programs would be a treat for me.

@Jason Wicke: I’d get a curio cabinet, unless I ran into some cool War Propaganda items that I couldn’t pass up first.

@Sheryl DéLeon SoRelle: A Hoosier cabinet with a working sifter. It would make my baking so much simpler.

@Connie Casey Morsher: Store thread cabinet.

@Susan Poisson: I’ve had to move in with my mother as a caregiver, so I’d buy things to beautify my new, much smaller “world” – my bedroom (which doubles as a laundry room) in my mother’s house. I’d buy a beautiful hand-hooked rug in faded pastels to put by my bed, a heavy old quilt to put on the bed, maybe a cute little side table for a nightstand and a few vintage books and composition dolls to decorate with.

@Lia Cilli: A working antique gramophone with all the 78s of Caruso possible.

@Mary Waldeck: German beer steins, African art, American ephemera, Hollywood memorabilia and whatever else I could find that interests me.

@Mary Lyles: All costume jewelry. Ha.

@Judie Rankin Simmons: I would buy a 1-quart Dazey churn for my collection and a spool cabinet.

@Alison Livingston: An old post office box cabinet with all the keys!

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