Ask AT: Subject, not artist, gives vintage spaniel oil on canvas its added value

dog painting hunting scene
Q I hope you can tell me something about this picture. After a yard sale, my son and his wife left it for me to dispose of. I kept it for another yard sale but it didn’t sell, so I kept it for myself.
I do so love it. It is signed. “L. Buford” or “L. Byford.” – M.B., Alamonte Springs, Fla.

A Your bird dog pointing quail is a landscape-type art scene that looks English to me.

It is very well done. It shows a lot of fine detail and is a good realism painted piece. I searched my art reference books and art pricing sites, and I could not find any artist under the names of L. Buford or L. Byford, so if that is the artist’s name, he is what’s cajsut answer free antiques appraisalslled an unlisted artist.

In the photo I have, it is very hard to make out the signature. If this is oil on canvas, it could easily fetch between $150 and $400 at auction; bird dogs are always popular. Never give treasures away in a yard sale for others to cash in on. Always know what you’re selling, and have it checked out if you are in doubt.

If you love this piece, please keep it, as that is what good art is all about: It can always take your mind to a different place.

Recent auction results going to the dogs
  • Unsigned canvas dog portrait (19th century oil on canvas with site size 21 inches by 15-1/2 inches), having some flaking, sold for $150 at Copake Auctions’ (Copake, N.Y.), Jan 29, 2011, sale.
  • Unsigned oil on canvas painting of two dogs, late 19th/early 20th century, sold for $425. In contemporary frame with a small puncture repair, the small painting measures 7-1/2 inches by 9-1/2 inches. Sold by Pook & Pook, Inc. (Downingtown, Pa.) Feb. 25, 2011.
  • An unsigned oil painting of hunting dogs in a deep well frame sold for $210 at Uniques & Antiques, Inc. (Aston, Pa.) April 5, 2011, decorative arts auction. The image measures 15-1/2 inches high by 19-1/2 inches wide and has a large repair.
  • Auctions Neapolitan (Naples, Fla.) sold a Boris Riab signed watercolor painting depicting a pointer hunting dog for $575 at its Jan. 8, 2011, Collectors Delight sale. Framed and matted and in good condition (minor scratches to frame), the overall measurements are 24 inches wide by 18 inches high.

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