Storage unit auctions may hold antiques for your decor

Casey Haslem

Antiques are a wonderful way to introduce interest into any decor. The designs and materials from an earlier era can create an eclectic or unique look. Each piece has its own story and finding antiques is part of the fun. Of course, you can visit an antique shop or antiques auction and pick out a few choice pieces. However, exciting and affordable antiques can be found in unexpected places: consider buying a storage unit!

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Buying a storage unit is the ultimate opportunity to find antiques and more at incredible prices. Storage units that have been neglected by their owners ultimately have their contents auctioned off to the highest bidder. Some of the hidden treasures of storage units have included gold bars, antique furniture, jewelry, vintage clothing and antique vases. Since furniture is large and may not be crated, it can be easy to see the style and condition prior to entering an auction bid.

A bit of upfront work will increase your chances of scoring great antiques in a storage unit sale: The more affluent the surrounding neighborhoods are to the facility the more likely the storage units will hold higher valued goods. Also, if you are looking for period pieces, you should consider storage unit sales in those areas that the style would be prevalent. For example, early art deco pieces would be more likely to be in storage units in Miami versus Wisconsin.

The Self Storage Association reports more than 46,500 facilities in the United States – opportunities for everyone to find antiques across the country.

The other advantage of collecting antiques by purchasing storage units is that you have the potential of discovering pieces that are not visible at the sale. Check inside drawers and boxes, and don’t discard anything of potential value regardless of the condition. A cracked but rare vintage Roseland vase discovered in a storage unite is reported to have fetched more than $300. You always have the option later of disposing goods once you’ve determinined their value or history.

Recent television shows have publicized the income opportunities that can be found in storage units. Finding antiques in storage units can also be a source of income. After you select the pieces you want to keep, you have the option to sell other pieces to dealers or through internet stores. Contact local storage unit facilities to find out when auctions are scheduled near you.

Casey Haslem is a writer and a hobby painter. She writes often about storage and organization.

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