Things We Love: OrangeGlo, retro-themed signs, Tech and Zippo

Antiques collectors love old things and these new products make our collections and investments all the more valuable. So we’re asking readers, what are your favorite new products that enhance your hobby? Share them with us and you may win a copy of the 2012 Classic Blues Artwork Calendar.


Orange Glo Wood Furniture PolishWhat We Love: Orange Glo wood conditioner, cleaner and polish. Made from the natural oils found in the peels of oranges, Orange Glo leaves no oily or waxy residue on surfaces after use. Contains no alcohol, wax or water. Removes grease, wax and accumulated dirt and covers minor scratches.

Who Makes It: MF Distributions Inc., a privately held Canadian Corporation. Also the maker of Golden Oil Wood Polish & Conditioner.

Where To Get It: Suggested retail price is $6.99 for 16-ounce bottle at, or call 905-660-7633. Also available in 24-, 64- and 124-ounce bottles at retailers nationwide.



Retro comical sign CoffeeWhat We Love: Fun and funky retro-looking lithographed tin signs. Shown here: “Coffee! If you’re not shaking, you need another cup” (12 1/2 by 16 inches, $12.99 at Brightly colored tin signs with rolled edges, pre-drilled for hanging.

Where To Get it: Gift retailers nationwide,, 888-654-0143;

Other examples:

  • Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten.
  • Please don’t let the cat out – no matter what it tells you. Thank you.
  • Coffee! You can sleep when you’re dead!
  • No Parking. The last car that parked here is still missing.
  • Power corrupts but absolute power is kinda cool.


What We Love: Touted as safe on carpet, clothing, upholstery and vinyl. Tech Stain Remover is an environmentally friendly stain remover that is recommended for removing such stubborn stains as ballpoint ink, blood, coffee, cosmetics, grease, ketchup, pet stains, wine and many more. The company’s website boasts “Tech contains no harsh chemicals, no fumes, no bleaching agents, no enzymes, or anything that can harm fabrics. Tech is also totally safe around kids and pets.”
We’ve used Tech on vintage linens with good results. I had no luck with rust stains, but there were some “mystery stains” that it successfully removed.

Who Makes It: Tech Enterprises, Inc., an American manufacturing and distribution company whose mission is providing an environmentally positive approach to leaving your house and our world a cleaner place..

Where To Get It: Available from Tech Enterprises, Inc. of Madison, Wisc. Also available at retail outlets and ($6.24 / 8 oz. bottle).




What We Love: Zippo 80th Anniversary Lighter. A sharp-looking quality lighter, Zippo’s 80th Anniversary Edition windproof lighter boasts the classy 80th Anniversary red and black logo color imprinted on Herringbone Sweep, a chevron-patterned brushed chrome finish. Packaged in an eco-friendly box with custom lid and display card.

Who Makes It: Zippo, one of the most recognized brands in the world, markets in more than 160 countries.

Where To Get It: Price is $29.95; available through 2012 calendar year. Available at,, select Zippo outlets.

Tell us what you love, who makes it and where to get it, and you could win a 2012 Classic Blues Artwork Calendar! Send it to: Things We Love, c/o Antique Trader, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945 or, Subject: Things We Love. 

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