Amazon could change the antiques world; Editor steps down at Antique Trader

There’s always big things happening in the world of antiques and we touch on two important ones in this issue. First, California’s much dreaded (by antiques dealers, anyway) AB391 law requiring an online reporting system has been passed by Gov. Jerry Brown. It took a state pawn brokers association 11 years to get this law passed. It lumps dealers in with pawnbrokers in a bid to curb the sale of stolen property. Time will tell just how many antiques businesses this may harm, but already, dealers are worried about the impact. Check out page 6 for a first-hand account.

Another big development is also taking place online. is opening its massive traffic to antiques and collectibles dealers. This site has enough traffic and lower fees to give eBay the serious competition many sellers have been searching for. It stands to change how people shop, especially since the site is able to give people a go-to location, rather than the highly competitive crapshoot that is a Google search. Wayne Jordan comes through with some smart observations on the pros and cons on the development and what it means for you as a buyer and a seller.


Eric Bradley

This is the last edition and editor’s note I have the pleasure of putting together for you. After seven years with F+W Media (and three as your editor), I’m getting even closer to buyers and sellers in a new adventure at Heritage Auctions, the world’s third largest auction house.

Working for you and with the collectibles staff at Antique Trader has been an absolute joy and will remain a highlight of my life, not just a career. This is a great publication, and not just because of the hard work its staff puts in week after week or because of the rock-solid commitment F+W Media gives to the brand. Antique Trader is great because of each and every one of you, our readers. More than 25,000 of you have found a unique place to share your stories, learn something new and rally around a common passion for precious objects.

Thank you for your support and your willingness to contribute to our wonderful hobby; I hope our efforts make you smarter, more money and give you a connection to your fellow collector. I get kinda mushy at goodbyes, so I’ll just leave you with an appropriate quote often credited to Dr. Suess: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

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