Caring for vintage Christmas ornaments

Do you collect vintage or antique Christmas ornaments? Want to know what to do to keep your family Christmas treasures in good shape? If so, here are some tips on storage and care that will help keep your ornament collection in the best possible condition, this year and for many years to come.

• Use small craft, paint, or make-up brushes to dust ornaments before displaying ornaments

• When decorating, hang antique ornaments securely on high Christmas tree branches, away from pets and children

• To prevent scratches, remove hooks before storing ornaments

• Do not use bubble wrap or plastic materials (including plastic boxes) for storage purposes; plastic doesn’t offer adequate ventilation

• Wrap ornaments in acid free tissue paper

• Never wrap vintage or antique ornaments in newspaper – the ink can rub off

• Place ornaments in stiff cardboard containers made especially for Christmas decorations

• Do not place too many layers of ornaments on top of each other

• Store your packed cardboard containers in a dry place not exposed to water, sun, or fluorescent lights