Don Presley Auction launching monthly Discovery auctions in new 18,000 Southern California facility

ORANGE, Calif. – Southern California auctioneer and estate specialist Don Presley is in expansion mode. The floor and storage space at his Orange County gallery will soon increase by 18,000 square feet with the incorporation of recently vacated retail space next door.

“Our previous neighbor needed more room and moved to a larger venue. This worked out great for both of us. My company was also in need of additional space for photography, cataloging and storage, so we annexed the 18,000 square feet available right next door to us. It worked out perfectly,” Presley said.

Don Presley Auction Southern California auctioneer new facility The Presley facility, located in the city of Orange at 1319 W. Katella Ave., is currently being painted and remodeled. All refurbishments should be completed very shortly.

“This expansion is going to streamline our operation, enable us to accept a larger volume of merchandise and allow my team to work on a timetable that’s two months ahead of each sale,” said Presley. “We’ll also have plenty of room for our new series of monthly Discovery sales, which we will launch on January 21st. These sales will provide an auction outlet for new and used estate furniture, office furnishings and other items that aren’t suitable for our antiques and fine art auctions,” Presley said.

Typically, there will be 500 to 1,000 lots in each of Presley’s Saturday Discovery sales. A live preview will precede each of the sales, and absentee and phone bids will be accepted. “We won’t have Internet live bidding for these sales only because of the nature of the merchandise. Some of the items, like appliances, would be difficult to ship.”

Many box lots will be included in Presley’s new monthly sales. “That’s where you make your discoveries, digging through boxes to see what someone else overlooked. We think bidders and bargain hunters will find these sales interesting and exciting,” Presley said.

For additional information, visit the company online.

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