Editor’s Pick: My favorite iPad apps for antiques

Here’s a shocking statistic: At this minute, at least 55 million people are using a tablet computer. It’s estimated the United States will have 90 million tablet users by the end of 2014, nearly a third of the population. The tablet is now deemed the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history and it stands to change how people interact with each other, the information they use and how they buy items old and new. This is a revolution none of us can afford to ignore.

From the Editor

Wayne Jordan’s column on the top antiques apps for your iPad or Android tablet offers a great primer on tablets and a few of the better antiques apps for tablets and smartphones. The idea for the column came directly from one of our readers seeking new ways to enjoy his hobby with his new tablet.

As you’ll see, there’s really only a few apps that are adapted for tablets but many more are perfect for your smartphone. Here are the companies whose apps I use on my iPad almost daily (in no particular order):

Those are just for research and prices. There are others I use to learn more or enjoy antiques. Some, which are packed with research, are available on subjects ranging from Delftware, silver maker marks, Raphael Tuck & Sons postcards and even demitasse cup collections. Some dealers and flea market promoters have even created apps to highlight their inventory or events and share information with other collectors.

The estimated cost to develop an app is not as expensive as you might think, considering it’s such a new technology. A very simple app can be created for as little as $1,000 to $3,000. The cost goes up if you want customers to buy merchandise through your app or link to social media accounts or access a database.

What are your favorite apps? We’d love to print your list and share them with your fellow collectors and dealers. List your favorites n the comments section below!

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