Anniversary gifts for pottery lovers

Summer is wedding season, and that means many of us will be celebrating wedding anniversaries in the coming months.  No matter what month your anniversary is, though, it’s never easy to find just the right gift. You want something unique, but not odd. Original, but not useless. And, of course, it has to be romantic.

The obvious answer is flowers. Flowers have long been the ultimate expression of love and affection.  In fact, they’ve been an anniversary icon for so long that they’ve become a little predictable… unless you think outside the box.  Flowers in a vase are nice, but flowers on a vase are even better.  

Art pottery is inspired by nature, and many of the decorative themes are floral. Your local florist may not have a fresh supply of clematis on hand to help you celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary, but you can easily find a Roseville Pottery piece that is beautifully decorated with this versatile flower. Or how about an iris decorated piece by Rookwood Pottery for your 25th? From Weller’s nasturtium designs to McCoy’s white lily bud vases, there is an art pottery piece for every anniversary.

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