Antique Rococo Revival piano could be sold on consignment

ram lamp ewerQ I am enclosing two pictures of an old lamp that I ran across. I would like information as to how old it is, any particular knowledge you may know that would enlighten me more about the lamp and also the value. The only identification is shown on photo two. The lamp cover is missing. I thank you very much for any information that you may pass on to me. -R.G.T., Maysville, Mo.

A The photographs you provided are very confusing. The full picture is of a ewer with gilt brass or plated brass mountings and a central belly that appears to be enameled blue or is glass. It does not appear to have been altered into a lamp. They usually came in pairs and were often accessories on a mantle with a prized clock in the center. 

An insurance value of the ewer would be estimated at $175-$250 in fine condition. The second photo appears to be of the base of a lamp with the hooves sitting at level with the base and with beaded pad feet. It does not match the photo of the ewer where the delicate hoof feet are meeting the table top. The only identifiable mark on the base photo is a copyright symbol. Without more information, that is all I can tell you.

Q I am an Antique Trader subscriber. For some time, the enclosed piano is a treasure I’d like to sell. Do you know of a market for it and how much is it worth? What is the best method to sell this huge piano? – M.C.H., Sacramento, Calif.

rococo revival grand pianoA You have an exquisite Rosewood Louis XV (Rococo Revival) Period Grand Piano.  The construction is all hand made, the keys are ivory. The outstanding grape carved Cabriole leg knees, beading and up scrolled foot are all indicative of both New York, New England, and also Southern. The carvings are very similar to Daniel Pabst and Joseph Meeks who were superb cabinetmakers of the era. 

Meeks worked both in New York and in the South. You did not provide a name which is really important for evaluation; however the quality speaks for itself. The condition appears to be fine for the exterior, but having it in good working order also is critical to the value. 

You are in a fairly metropolitan area and close to San Francisco.  I have several suggestions for options to sell.  You could contact  Bonhams Auctions for a San Francisco sale.  You could also check both in Sacramento and in San Francisco for music stores that normally carry grand pianos and put the piano on consignment. 

Online auctions are not terribly good as the weight for shipping or hauling is a huge consideration that will affect your net result. You should expect to receive an estimated resale auction value in the current market of a low of  $3,500 to a high of $7,000. Consignment may be your best option to optimize you net in pocket if you have time to wait for it to sell. Local auctions often liquidate these gorgeous pianos for very low prices, that is usually not a good option. You can also consider donating it to a college or concert hall and take the donation (resale-market) value off your taxes.

Randeen M. Cummings Nelson is the principal at Cummings & Associates Personal Property Appraisal Services of Eugene, Ore. (541-345-5856). A speaker, writer and certified appraiser through the International Society of Appraisers, she operated her own antiques shop, Victorian Parlour Antiques, and a formerly managed the Coburg Inn Antique Shops of Coburg, Ore. She is an instructor on American Brilliant cut glass and has been featured in many antiques related publications. In addition, Nelson works at as one of thousands of experts in more than 150 categories (including antiques and collectibles) who provide fast and reliable information to users.

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