Business Profile: Scott Antique Markets

Scott Antique Market offers antiques shoppers a treasure  hunter’s paradise, offering the finest selection of investment quality antiques in the country. You’ll find a huge selection of gold, silver jewelry, antique pottery, glassware, furniture, and so much more.

Each month year-round, Scott Antique Market comes to the Atlanta Expo Center, where more than 2,400 vendors fill two cavernous buildings, with displays overflowing into large outdoor exhibits with abundant displays of garden, architectural items and much more.

Buyers experience the convenience of parking their vehicles and can take the shuttle bus at no extra cost (between the North and South Exhibition buildings), which runs every 15 minutes throughout the day. Porters are available to assist those who purchase items. Several transport companies on the premises will ship purchases directly to your door as well. The Scott Antique Markets’ numerous amenities and accommodations in the area meet the needs of attendees.

In Columbus, Ohio, the market is held monthly November through March at the Ohio Expo Center, where more than 800 vendors offer antiques of every kind imaginable.

The Scott Antique Market is a phenomenal place to purchase investment quality antiques. For more details, visit or call 740-569-4112 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The antique market in today’s economy

 With rising fuel prices, it can be difficult to be in business as an antiques dealer. A recent study indicates that two out of three Americans concur that the economy is unstable at this time; fuel prices are top on the list followed by the federal budget.

Some propose the idea that the current situation here in United States will be a boon for the antiques industry; because of increased fuel prices people will be driving less, and staying home more. During these times, people will begin to clean out attics, and places around the home fronts that were previously ignored. As a result, an increased number of antique items will surface, and end up in the markets.

–  Jayne Ellen, Scott Antique Markets