New antique shop specializes in gold leafing

CROSS RIVER, NY –Mary Mayland has always had an eye for style, which started with her popular Streets & Co. women’s retail stores in New York City in the 1980s. Now, the retail-savvy entrepreneur has reinvented herself in the opening of her new Baxter & Co. HOME in Cross River, NY, this spring. The new home design and furnishing boutique offers one of a kind antiques and vintage accessories for the home and office and specializes in refinished and refurbished surfaces, most notably, the intricate gold, silver or copper leafing process.

“Whether it was clothing back then or home furnishings now, I’ve always had a passion for the details in complementing and completing ensembles,” said Mary Mayland. “My new venture is a perfect combination of the business savvy learned from the big city clothing industry and the decorative, interior design industry in rural New York.”

Although a major attraction of Baxter & Co. HOME is that all finishing work is done onsite and includes any kind of paint finish, wax or French polish, Mayland notes that her unique leafing process creates a competitive advantage in a congested industry.

“Most customers would have to drive into a metropolitan area like Manhattan in order to find the same quality of artistic leafing created by Baxter & Co. HOME,” she adds.

The intricate leafing process, which can take anywhere from 20 hours to several days to complete depending upon the size of the surface.

Besides the new contemporary look, Mayland notes that a major benefit of leafing is that the surface will never tarnish, thus lasting a lifetime. In addition, she emphasizes its versatility as leafing can be applied to any surface, including picture frames, candlesticks, tables, rice bowls and pottery, among many others.

Baxter & Co. HOME stocks an eclectic and ever changing variety of antiques and vintage items including small table lamps and tables, candles and candlesticks, hand painted wine buckets, wall sconces, urns and animal inspired gift ideas. In addition, the boutique offers complimentary, at-home design services. Product prices range from $50 gift items to thousands of dollar antique furniture depending upon the era. For more information, e-mail or call 914-977-3660. ?

Photos courtesy Baxter & Co.

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