The Picker’s List: Readers seeking baby feeder dishes, Yonezawa toys, vintage refrigerator dishes, German helmets and more!

Readers have embraced this new feature and, based on the tremendous response, love an opportunity to share the collections they hold dear. The May 4 edition features twice as many requests and stories! – Editor.

Couple seeking baby feeder dishes

We collect baby feeder dishes of all sorts, but are currently focused on gathering a complete set of the seven-day series of the Sunbonnet Babies on baby feeder dishes. We now have five of the seven-day set of “Molly and May;” “Washing on Monday,” “Ironing on Tuesday,” “Mending on Wednesday,” “Scrubbing on Thursday,” and “Sweeping on Friday.” We are seeking the remaining two: the Sunday scene of the girls ‘fishing,’” and the Saturday scene of the girls ‘baking.’

The Royal Bayreuth Sunbonnet Babies, Molly and May, made their first appearance about 1902, and a variety of items depicting them were issued through 1920. In 1974, Royal Bayreuth reissued the Sunbonnet Babies on plates for their days of the week series. There were numerous other series and designs released by Royal Bayreuth on baby feeder dishes, including ‘Sand Babies,’ ‘Snow Babies,’ and others. The RB feeder dishes that we have are all from the original issues of 1902-1920.

While we collect many things, the baby dishes are a favorite, with Royal Bayreuth, Roseville Juvenile, and other makers represented. Our complete collection of baby dishes numbers more than 100, and has been several years in the making. The current quest to complete the seven-day set of Royal Bayreuth Sunbonnet Babies feeder dishes has been a primary focus for at least three years – and probably longer than that. We would welcome hearing from anyone who collects the RB Sunbonnet Baby feeder dishes – especially any who have the Sunday (Fishing) and/or Saturday (Baking) feeders available for sale. We do not collect any other items from the RB Sunbonnet Babies series except the baby feeders.

Yonezawa man, please come home

How my Yonezawa NBC Color T.V. Cameraman Truck survived many 4th of Julys back in the mid to late 1960s is worthy of note. The cameraman on the roof, however, fled in terror after witnessing the destruction of fleets of similar Japanese tin cars and trucks.

I’ve been seeking him since approximately 1980 or so, when I began collecting the cars of yesteryear. The Internet and toy dealers have come up empty in my search. Somewhere in this great country of ours he exists, and I’m eager to return  him to his rooftop perch, where he’ll  no longer live in fear.

Photo courtesy

Refrigerator dishes wanted for sentimental reasons

My mother had a square, approximately 8 inch by 8 inch by 3 1/4 inch, clear glass refrigerator dish, made by (I think) The Federal Glass Company. The lid had a fruit motif on it.

I’ve been able to find ones similar on eBay, but they all have vegetable rather than fruit designs. For sentimental reasons, the dish was very important to my mother and I’d like to find a replacement one for her, as the original was broken several years ago.

Reward offered for World War II German helmets

I know that there are still many old World War II German helmets out there, and as they are spread all over the country, I am looking for your help to find them.

The helmets I am looking for are standard German helmets with decals or camouflage paint or paratrooper helmets with decal or camouflage paint. These helmets vary in paint.

I will offer $50 as a bonus for each German helmet found, plus the helmet’s price.
Please contact me and send me a few pics, thanks.

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