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– Editor

I had a “customer” take a little nap on a bed in one of the antique mall booths yesterday. He’s probably from the ‘50s; I should have tagged and sold him.

Know what I like about being a “NON-working dealer” in antique malls?

It’s like being a bartender, getting decent tips and …  NEVER meeting the drunks !

Know who your best antique customer is?
Your fellow dealer.

I love it when people driving $35k pickup trucks balk at  antique prices. They’re sure not spending money on little Bubba’s college education. Why is it the folks who attend auctions every Saturday and compete to pay the most -would never think of buying at an antique show/shop/mall? Often the difference between garbage and a garage sale is the distance to the curb.  

Why is it antique mall owners (who sell from 3 locations) refuse to use social media to promote for FREE and prefer to sit on their duffers and whine at slow biz?

I used to love eBay, but now it’s like my ex: mean as heck AND no longer putting out.

Collecting’s a sickness, 
I’ve got the cure:
Sell me your junk,
and make yourself pure.

Four words an antique shop owner NEVER wants to hear:
“No thanks,

Just looking”

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