Free webcast: Risk and Reward of Investing in Art and Antiques

Ever wonder about the prices paid behind recent record-breaking auctions? The wealthy over the course of human history have always selected art, antiques and other ‘ownable objects’ to store their wealth in good times or bad. The current economic uncertainty has placed antiques and collectibles on the same level as investing in wheat, gold and other alternative investments.

MoneyShow San Francisco recently focused on alternative investments as a shield to economic uncertainty and participant’s response to the message was very positive. People know the financial services sector is in a new period of transformation and there are few quality alternatives to put your money. Add in the fact that record amounts of wealth are being created in Brazil, Russia, India and China and you can easily see why massive amount of money are being poured into the art and antiques markets this year.

To learn more, MoneyShow San Francisco is making my presentation available for free on its eMoneyShow site. If you are interested in art investments, consider watching Jeff Rabin’s talk on art investments, which was part of the keynote address at the conference. Registration is free and so is the webcast through Sept. 16, 2012.

MoneyShow Alternative Investments

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